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February 2014

Alive and doing well here in 2014. Where's is my life going.. I can remember waiting to see if the world would keep going as we turned the calendar to January 1, 2000! All the cats are still with me. the oldest ones in the first litter are going to be 10 years old. My hip replacement is 11 years old and looks good in xrays. I will be getting a Total Left Hip replacement in couple of months; it's just all worn away and feels like it, too. Other than that I am well. Workng part timein a small local library eztra money and interesting. taking an irish language class; yes, that e\means the Gaelic language. Peace for now.

November 2012

Doing very well here still in the desert and all 8 cats I had two years ago are still and doing well. The youngest is 7 now. Ie haven't gone broke but I cut back on expense like everyone else seems to do these days.

I still have the webspace here because I can't bear to part with it and erase whatever I already have here. I did add a blog but it's only for my own daily routine kinds of things. www.shambalayogi.net/blog and it's on my webspace so i don't have to worry about some administration of the host site doing away with it or changing major things about it.

Other than these things, I'm at facebook more than I used to be. it's the way I keep in touch with many many people i know mostly only from the 'Net.

October 2010

I am alive and doing very well. My mother passed away in Sept 2008, then there was an estate to settle and life took some turns, none of them bad though. I haven't been traveling or taking picture much; tightened up on financial thing like lots have to do these days. Busy doing yoga and taking some cooking classes and having some work done updating my house.

I still have the cats, the youngest ones are now 5 years of age.

I cleaned up some links and hopefully got the bad ones.

January-Feb-March 2008

Added pics to show new cat photos at flickr.com. Cat Tribe 2007

Updated some page for 2008 dates, checked some links, deleted some old ones, rearranged some data. Still doing well myself, Happy New Year!

January-April 2007

Retired from job, retirement stuff went through without a hitch, Mom had to be moved into an Alzheimer's unit, had to take all of her stuff from apt and do something with it. Have had real difficulties with her insurance company, took two months to get it straightened out. Two older cats went to Rainbow Bridge because of kidney problems. They were both 15 years old, I miss them. I'm okay but don't feel like I've had much time off being retired with all this stuff happening. Outside Cat Tribe members are all doing well.

January-August 2006

I didn't fade away into nothingness after last update! However, I never got the pics for Trek Expo 2005 up. Lately, I did some updates of info on various pages, edited links, etc.

After big hurricanes of 2005, I started keeping track of energy/gas prices where I live as they spiked enormously after Katrina. They've not settled down since then.

Peak Energy/Oil Experience

Personal Update: I fell and broke both arms--yes, both!--in Dec 2005 and had a 3 1/2 to 4 month recuperation. Returned to work fulltime at end of April. I have healed up well though.

Cat Tribe Update: Chloe, mama cat, had a third litter (!) before she and they were caught and neutered. She surprised me last October with two little orange kittens on my back patio. She had two orange boys, Kirby and Omar in Sept 2005. They are almost a year old. They are both handsome males,long and tall cats with very long tails. They and the ones from earlier litters are doing well and still living with me.

My two old Persian cats have some medical problems but are doing well and show no signs of leaving the earth yet.

August-Sept 2005

Short report on Trek Expo June 2005


June 2005

Updates to The Two Cat Tribes

Kittens Born May 2005

January 2005

Countdown for Andromeda Fest/Trek Expo 2005 and Comic Con 2005

November-December 2004

Scanned/posted some pics of Dickinsons on Family Page, link from Other Lives, Other Places

Added Recent Cat Tribe/Persian Cat pics

July & Sept 2004

Pics of Kittens from Summer 2004, See Family Pics under Other Lives

Pics from Tulsa Andromedafest/Trek Expo/Safari's Joe's

April 2004

Added banner for Let Hobbit Movie Happen to two pages

January 2004

Comicon 2004 Countdown Set

December 2003

Tulsafest 2004 Countdown Set

November 2003

Pics from Oct 2003 La Jolla Family Visit

September 2003

Copper Con 2003 Pics of Farscape Actors Added

July 2003

2003 Tulsa Andromedafest and Trek Expo Pics Added

June 2003

La Jolla, San Diego 2002 Pics added for Family

January 2003

On Slipstreambbs page added links for new boards where

ex-Streamers arsince Slipstream BBS was closed mid-January

September thorugh November 2002

Aquired Domain name www.shambalayogi.net

Finished moving data from earlier Retreat Site

July 2002

Tulsa Andromeda Fest 2002 Pics Up

March 2002

Dr. Who Gallifrey Con Pics added

January 2002

Update Andromeda Fest page

August-November 2001

Minneapolis Con pics added

Phoenix Con pics added

July-August 2001

Tulsa Fest Sorbo pics Added at SR2

Slipstream Evolution and BBSS Info Added

May-June 2001

Moved Andromeda Pages from Scifi/Cybersites

April 2001

Add New LOTR links

New Herc/Xena Forum links/Studios USA Boards closed

March 2001

Shambalayogi's Retreat 2 created for more pics

Added Valley Forge Con Pics

Added Ancient Sites Diaspora Links

January 2001

Added Mesa, Arizona July 2000 con pics

August 2000

New Entrance Page and Seascape

Saved old guestbooks entries but

had to add new guestbook for seascape page

June 2000

New Background and Castle

Added for Castlewarming Page

February 2000

Added San Francisco Herc/Xena con

and Great Amazon Breakfast Pics

January 2000

Added Eeyoraus' wedding page

Deember 1999

Added Stop the Hate Banners

Added Eeyoraus'engagement page

November 1999

Added updates page

Added meditation pages with

Metta and Chakra meditations

October 1999

Lost original guest book somehow (!)

August-September 1999

Add YTTC retreat pages

Added Iolaus banners

June-July 1999

Added Breast cancer ribbons

Added Castlewarming Story pages

Added Andromeda and Scifi links

June 23, 1999

Shambalayogi's Retreat open for business

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