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Frodo Lives! May the King's Days Be Blessed!
Lord of the Rings Movie Official Site
Tolkien Online
Jmsstyxyes New Zealand Adventures
A Michael Hurst, Craig Parker, Official Bruce Hopkins Site
Xenite.Org, Worlds of Imagination
Slipstreaming Through the ScifiVerse
Where there's lots of scifi among friends ....
Comic Con 2008 Countdown
Tulsa Trek Expo Information
Ancient Worlds & Ancient History
The Garden
Desert Spring

Convention and Event Photos
Family Event Pictures
Tulsa Andromeda Fest
June 2001 - June 2005 Photos
Farscape At Coppercon 23, Sept 2003:
Lani Tupu & David Franklin
Dr. Who Convention, Gallifrey One
Los Angeles, February 2002
Andromeda Cast, Writers, Fans Photos
Pippi's Tales
Meeting of Four Great Minds, Mar 2003

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