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Links on this page were still working as of 4/15/2004.

Ancient Worlds

Ancient Worlds is by the people who did Ancient Sites. Ancient Communities of Rome, Athens, Macchu Picchu, Celtia, Germania, Babylon, Egypt are there and the New Community, The Orient, has opened in april 2004.
I wasn't very active at Ancient Sites but I lurked there a lot learned a great deal from the people and pages there, especially Arachne's Web. Thank you, Ancient Sites Community!
Fire Graphic is the property of AS/Cybersites. I use it in respect of what was created at Ancient Sites.

Ancient Sites Refugees List of New Homes

The Great Library of Alexandria

Great Library has moved to the Delphi forums.

Ancient Times

All the World's a Stage

Museum of Fine Art Home

History Walker

Pan Historia

Tiberius Aelius' Home

Senex Caecilius

Berosus Etana's Pages

Lovers Pic Courtesy of Lunae Weatherstone

Background is something I've had a while. If it has a specific owner/designer,

I'd like to know, to give them credit.

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