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Welcome, Friend!

If you can't find me I'm probably on another plane or in another time. Please leave a message by email below.

Don't mind Darius the Dalek. He will not exterminate you or anyone else!

I am Shambalayogi T'Orion. Like you, these days I hear much of the Commonwealth High Guard Captain, Dylan Hunt and his ship, the Andromeda Ascendent. He has taken upon himself an almost impossible but admirable goal of restoring the Old Commonwealth.

I have had many lifetimes being acquainted with him. From my pastlife regressions, I know that I knew him and many other present friends in New Greeceland in Ancient Earth, when he was the hero, Hercules. It is interesting how in this time and place we find ourselves together again.

It may not be a time of myth and legend, but definitely a time for heroes.

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