Some Phoenix Arizona Energy History 2003-
Phoenix, August 2003. Kinder Morgan gasoline pipe breaks south of Phoenix. Pipe runs from El Paso up through Tucson.Problem with gas availability in Phoenix area. 2-3 weeks. Governor Napolitano and media asked people not to fill up before they had less than 1/2 tank of gas. This is NOT always work as people seemed to be filling up at the slightest drop in their gas levels. Arizona gets it's gas through the Kinder Morgan line coming through Texas and pipelines (1 or 2?) coming from California.

Effect: Creepy since it was hard sometimes to find a station with enough gas and not too long of lines. Mostly you just had to be a little patient. That was my experience. But some people got angry, too. Some physical altercations ensued at some stations. People filled up gas cans when they filled up cars. There was supposed to be limits on how many gas cans someone could get at a time, too.

Phoenix, July-August 2004. Major electric transformer catches fire July 4 and has to be replaced. It was too heavy to fly it. Major deal in getting this thing from the Northwest of US and then it comes by ship to LA and then is trucked to Phoenix. This thing took almost a month to get to Arizona. Once or twice on the road from LA the trailer the transformer was on slid off the road or had problems since the transformer load was so heavy for it. Another transformer is undergoing some upgrades and so the whole Phoenix area is public urged to save electricity for air conditioning.

Effect: Rolling blackouts are not necessary however as public saves enough to get through the summer. Recommendations are thermostats get turned up 2-3 degrees until the new transformer is installed.

Phoenix, January 2005. City of Phoenix water supply, at least one plant, has some problem with "turbidity" in the water. One other plant is offline for maintenance and others left can't handle all the water for the Phoenix area. Water Dept of Phoenix tell people to boil water for cooking, drinking, etc. The City Water Dept didn't seem to be able to decide if there was bacteria or not. Takes a few days to get water back from the lab. This whole thing lasts about a week.

Effect: This was inconvenient to do this boiling-good thing it wasn't summer. Real problems for restaurants and eateries! The businesses and many individuals bought bottled water. So, then, bottled water just vanished from store shelves and stayed vanished until this was over.

When I think of decline in living standards/civilization under whatever circumstances, I think of these three above events happening simultaneously and lasting forever. Not fun.

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