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This Site started just before Katrina Hurricane in August 2005. Prices updated daily or every few days; depends on how fast crude is going up and updating getting done.

I got interested in the peak oil phenomena after researching an energy industry related question at my job at a special library. That was Feb 2005 and since then I've watched world events related to peak oil and energy issues unfold. At first it was just in the energy related and peak oil crowd news sources. But I've watched this issue become mainstream media in the past few months. It's been fascinating and frightening to see so many predictions seemingly related to peak oil and it's after effects take shape. I wonder how far those predictions will go to becoming reality. that will depend on our societies reaction to our energy problems. I live in Southern Arizona, a place that is supposed to not survive well if there really is some kind of collapse.
Barrel of Crude Oil is 42 gallons (U.S.), of that 20 gallons becomes gasoline--Info from DOE, USA
Metric equivalent of a barrel of crude is 159.7 liters.
Metric equivalent of US Gallon is 3.785 liters.
Oil prices history, courtesy of CNN Money
World Oil Production Figures 2004-2007, courtesy of Prof. Deffeyes

Apr-May 2005 gas prices in the USA start up from less than $2.00 and move up steadily; in August they move up a lot more even pre-hurricane Katrina.
Updated 2000- Gas/Energy Price History at Wikipedia.org
Phoenix Gas Prices Archive, Aug 2005-Jan 2009
Phoenix Energy Incidents History 2003-2005

I use natural gas for heating of water and my house. I don't know if the source of my electricity is the Palo Verde nuclear power plant or natural gas or hydroelectric. I use the local Salt River Project for my electric power and Southwest Gas for heating and hot water. I don't use heating oil, mostly that's used in the Northeast and East US. MidWest US uses mostly natural gas for heat that comes from the Gulf of Mexico (GOM)
Natural Gas Prices Current and Historical: US EIA Information
Residential Heating Oil Prices Current and Historical: US EIA Information

Fuel/Energy cost comparison chart for last several years

Natural Gas Sources NYTIMES 11/15/2005

Note: Natural Gas prices have risen since 1999-2000. From what I tell (from several different sources online and offline) the consumer measurement use of nat gas is purchased in so much per a thousand cubic feet. In the 1990s it was about $2.00 per thousand cubic feet. In 2000, it was $4.70 per 1000 cubic feet. It is now about $14.00 per 1000 cubic feet. It was about half that at the beginning of the summer.

Note in April 2006: 2005-2006 winter was milder than expected in some parts U.S. Natural gas prices dropped in early 2006; April 13 price, $7.14.

Note September 2006: Too early to tell if Winter 2007 will be mild or cold this year. Oct 3 2006: Natural Gas price is $5-6.

Note Feb 22, 2007: Dec-Jan very mild in Midwest and North East; but real winter came in February.

Note Oct 10, 2007: Winter this year is predicted to be milder than usual by the National Weather Service. Also, that some parts of the midwest and east will be wetter than usual but the majority of the country will be drier and much drier than usual. Their map showed southern and cetral Arizona to be in the much drier area. Southeastern US has had a terrible dry season the past spring and summer. Water sources of lakes and rivers are drying up at a frightening rate.

Winter 2008: Heating oil prices to be 20-25% higher than last winter of 2007. Natural gas prices is expected to go up 10%. Electricity prices will probably increase as well. this info is from the Oct. 9, 2007 News Hour on PBS television--KAET TV from the Arizona State University in my area.

In June 2008: Residential Heating Oil and Natural Gas prices: Official prices as of Mar 2008 according to US EAI: Nat Gas $12.92; Heating Oil $3.69.; week of June 18-25, natural gas at Henry Hub was 12.76.

In June, residential heating oil was up over 4.00 as of 6/9/08.

October 2010 Update: Phoenix Gas price updates ended in January 2009.

I left these pages here on the net rather than delete them. I'm not sure what else to do with them as life took a different turn since them; passing of mother and the big financial crunch.

My thoughts on food issues and other adapations needed for Unknown Future affected by energy changes, financial messes and climate changeare at Shamba's Notes:Thoughts on A Future Unknown

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