Tulsa Trek Expo 2005 Short Report

This is a very cursory--started out as cursory anyway--report about what happened at two days of Trek Expo June 24-26.

The organization that puts on the Expo was very late this year in announcing guests and location and dates. It turns out they were hoping very much that they could get Patrick Stewart as their *big * guest but Mr. Stewart was not able to do it this year. :(

There wasn't a big turnout in the audience. There was a good selection of vendors I thought. Mr. Krad was there with a nice selection of his published works. The two anthologies he' s edited, Tales from the Captain's Table and the Dominion Wars were there. Two of his fellow writers were there, too. These three gentlemen had a presentation on stage on Sunday morning about Writing Star Trek. They were informative and funny. These two books are really, really, really good. The stories are creative and tell you things about the characters I'll bet you never knew. I liked them both but enjoyed Tales from the Captain's Table the most becuase of the personal slant each captain has in telling a story. If you get a chance, read them! No--I get no payback from Mr. Krad or Paramount for this free plug.

They also had new facilities this year which were much more pleasant than the previous location.The women's bathroon was large with lots of stalls--no waiting! No lines! LOL And it was totally airconditioned which felt good at first but then if you sat too long you were a chunk of ice!

Anyway, on Saturday I got there about the time Anthony Montgomery, (Travis on Enterprise) was wrapping up his talk. He had some Star Trek hip hop he had written himself that was pretty good. The interesting thing was that the sign language interpreter really got into the music while she was interpreting. She didn't seem to miss a thing while dancing along to the song.

Tricia Helfer (Number 6 Cylon from the New Galactica series) was on next. She was slender, platinum blond hair up in a French roll. She had on high heels, jeans, a tube top and a chunky kind of necklace. Very elegant looking in real life and as a Cylon. An interesting topic in her appearance was how she felt Hollywood really typecast women and made them look entirely unreal. Interesting comments from a woman who looks likes she does! She was a first time con goer I think from the way she clutched that microphone. She was very pleasant and seemed to have a good time.

Alexander Siddig (Bashir on DS9) was next. He wore a straw cowboy hat and a champangned colored silk like shirt over a white T-shirt. He said his son had given him the hat and he wasn't going to take it off until it fell off. However, half way through his hour, the MC said that ladies in the audience requested that he remove the hat so they could see his face. sure enough, the hat moved and several women made their way down the aisle to take his photo.

He told the story of how he got his name. His father is Tunisian (I'm told his background is Sudanese; I wasn't sure when I heard him speak.) and his mother English. When he was born, his father wanted to name him Siddig and his Mom wanted to call him Alexander. He said in Tunesia the father wins this kind of thing so Siddig it is. He took Alexander as his stage name though. His real name--Tunesian Arab, I think--is verrrrrry long with many names in the whole thing.

He also talked a little bit about how he's run into prejudice in applying for jobs because of his background but also because he's been a Star Trek actor. Some directors/producers want him because he's been on Trek and some won't talk to him because of it.

That was it for Saturday. Herb Jefferson, (Boomer on old Galactica), Bob May (Robbie robot on Lost in Space) Robin Curtis (Saavik, in Search/Spock) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbaca) werethere in the morning but I didn't see them.

Sunday the group I was with got to the arena about 11:00 a.m. There was a film parody of the creation of Star Trek called Roddenberry on Patrol. R. was an LA policeman who was also trying to do screenwriting after the work day. The film showed several kinds of situations he encountered as a cop that inspired him to write some of the plot stuff in Trek. Trek actors from the various series played parts in the film that were similar to the parts they played on the TV show.. It was a fun and short film.

Several Star Gate actors were on this day. Douglas Arthurs (Heru-Ur) on SG1 was up first. David Palffy (ANubis and Sokar) was scheduled after him but came and joined him on stage so they were both there at the same time. Both wore jeans, boots, and had shaven heads. They tended to sit so that they looked like twins on stage! They crossed their legs the same way for a long time and passed the microphone back a forth to answer questions. Doug made references to being out all the night before on Cloud Nine which is a local strip? club or anyway has pretty dancing girls! Doug seemed to relish playing that role. David is married with a little boy and was much less intense than Doug.

There was an auction right after the two Guaould (sp?) were finished. One of the items for auction was a butt-squeeze offered by Doug himself! I don't know how much it cost but one young female got her chance. He bent over a chair to give her a good approach! :D His jeans were so tight looking I wonder if she got a good grip! It was really funny!

Item of curiousity for Firefly fans: An autographed photo of Nathan Fillion as Mal went up for auction. The bidding was desultory, or i.e, it sucked! There was a small crowd at the Trek I know but it was like no one knew who he was?? Anyway, I got a nice pic of Mal for about $35. When I went to pay for it, the woman who took my money had no clue who he was, what Firefly was or anything.

And don't you just want to sit in his lap and well, whatever ...?? :D

Erica Durance (lois Lane on Smallville) was on next. Apparently, she's married to Anubis. She hasn't been on the show that long and didn't seem to have a lot to say for me anyway but then I don't watch Smallville. She smiled a lot and was happy to answer questions.

Tony Amedola (Master Bra-Tac on SG1) was on next. You can tell he's an old stage actor by the way he talks and is very comfortable on stage. He's very outgoing and entertaining. He talked about his stage work as well as his role on SG. He seems to have a great deal of fun with his BraTac character.

Gates McFadden was on next. There still weren't very many in the audience and I thought there would be more people to see Dr. Beverly Crusher from Next Generation. By this time in the afternoon, we all felt like small glaciers. Gates must have felt that way too, becuase she had on a heavy jacket and seemed to be running around the stage to keep warm. She's a lively one on stage anyway I think.

Her son is now the age that Wesley Crusher was when she played his mom in the series. She mentioned it was good experience for her now. She looks very much the same as I thought she did in the series with long, reddish-brown hair.

Rainbow Sun Francks (Aiden Ford on Atlantis) was on last. He had a denim jacket with a rainbow and a sun embroidered on the sleeves and back. I haven't seen in him the show Atlantis but he seemed very curious as to how cons worked and talked about his family and career before Atlantis. He has his own band and is interested in making a record.

That was it for Trek Expo.

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